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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Crash returns! Better, Faster Stronger.

Last Tuesday (Super Tuesday) Katie brought a sick bird to the Native Animal Rescue Center here in Santa Cruz. This center is by far the best I have seen. Run completely from donation boxes, they are a full service hospital for native birds. They do not take sea birds.

On Super Tuesday I was super sick with the flu. Crash, a small Brewers Blackbird was taking refuge on our porch. He was blind, but could fly. I thought he may have crashed, thus his name, Crash Helmet Lou.

As the post below describes, Katie my girlfriend carefully packed up Crash and took him to the rescuer center. He was already eating ad drinking when she dropped him off. So we had high hopes for his survival. Video in the post below this one shows his health status compared to the pictures here. There is a vast difference thanks to the folks at Native Animal Rescue.

Today I looked out on the porch and who did I see but Crash! I could tell it was him by his face, and his mannerisms despite the fact the 50 of these birds come each morning. He likes to sit right in the middle of the bowl. He was back and looking much better. Still a bit slower than the other birds, but his color had returned, his eyes open and no longer sunken. He could see. His Color was back. He was able to battle for his rightful turn at the feeder.

Although we were 99.9% sure it was Crash, we called just to make sure. We were right. Crash had been released 24 hours prior.

It ends up we named him aptly. He had hit his head, likely hitting a window in a mid flight crash.
He was given steroids to stop the swelling in his brain and released when he could see and fly just a few days later.

Crash found his way back, after a severe head injury, from 3 miles away. Having had encephalitis myself, which is swelling of the brain. I can tell you that it took me three years to read again or remember much, let alone navigate my way home from the hospital.

Here are some photos. Some are a bit fuzzy as I had to shot from inside through the screen and glass. But you can see, Crash is much better. He seems to like hanging out on the porch all day now, and is unafraid of us. These birds are normally easily spooked, although there is always one or two in a bunch that will be less scared of humans. I think Crash will be using the deck for a long time. A new companion bird. Native birds are important. Find the number to your local animal rescue centers now, so you have the number when you need it.

A Scrub Jay also ventured into the yard today. H returned a few times and brought his mate. Blue was very excited. I hope they continue to come back.

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