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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Blue gets a tree!

It was my Birthday recently and one of the things I have wanted for a long time was a tree for Blue. Something permanent rather then using branches; I wanted Blue to have his own tree with leaves. Blues favorite tree is a ficus tree. He would often sit in one in our old back yard where he feels safe from large birds or noisy neighbors.

Dan my father found the perfect tree. A fake but safe and very real looking ficus tree. Standing at about six feet tall, its a large tree. I take some real branches from other trees and hang toys and treats from it now. Blue loved it immediately and now plays in it and also uses it as a place of sanctuary. It also looks cool in my room. So its a good deal for the both of us.

Here is a few pictures of Blue the morning he first got his tree. Video to come with some brand new antics.