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Friday, April 25, 2008

Blue Plays in and out of his cage

Blue is doing great. I have been spending a great deal of time with him as I get better and adjust to my new seizure meds. Blue has been bringing me food, which is a brand new thing he does. Something that began when I became ill. We exchange objects on a nearly hourly basis, sometime much more. But even Blue needs time to himself. Blue is out of his cage most of the time. But he will ask when he wants in his cage. And when he does he organizes and plays and even softly sings to himself.

Here is a video of Blue playing in his cage. You may notice his beak is slightly over grown. I trimmed it yesterday and he is just fine and was not fazed in the least. I have been putting it off and now realize that even Blue knew it was for his best interest and trusts me to do such a thing. Five minutes later he did his dance and song with his wings spread, a show of affection to me. In the wild it is a mating dance. With Spring here Blue is dancing and singing 5 times a day.

During this time of recovery, Blue has saved me once again. I never get bored as Blue is always ready to play, to hide things and bring things to me. To play a simple game of tug of war or sit on my shoulder and take a nap or gently sing to me as I slumber. He sits on top of my laptop as I write, often leaving and coming back and forth with treats. If he gives me something, I give him something in return. Blue now has seven bowls, dishes and caches to hide his booty throughout the house.

When I am home he does demand one thing -- that I am nearby, within eye shot. This is fine, until I need a daytime nap. I have to move his cage near my bed, the only room he is not allowed in freely, as it is not bird proof. Katie makes jewelry and there are too many tempting things to steal for Blue while I sleep, shinny beads and silver strands a plenty for a flying pirate such as Blue. He is never allowed out without being watched. There are far too many things that can happen with such a curious bird. While the cage is at the door of my room where he can watch me snooze, he does so silently, aware I am sleeping. He never awakens me, but often sings the whisper song to me which is very conducive to sleep. He will also squeeze in a few winks with me at times. If he knows I am home, and in the other room ignoring him, he will make noise until I change my act. There are no breaking these rules.

I enjoy the fact Blue is so closely bonded with me. Scrub Jays mate for life. It shows me that all animals, as well as people need others around them to be truly happy. Were not so different, animals and humans -- we all need relationships, friendship and love -- as well as food, water and a warm safe environment.

Tim Rumford

Enjoy Blue in his cage playing.