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Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue Video

Elusive Suntrance and Meal in the wild

This Comes from From: kiaoragin on Youtube. She shot a wild young Scrub doing the Sun Trance and then getting fed from its parents. Enjoy this great footage.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blue brings food and treats to me durring ilness. New Video!

Hi Folks,
There have been many new comments on the post "What do i do if I find a Scrub Jay?" There is a link on the left. There is much to learn from the many people who have saved and released many birds. Thanks to all who have left comments as we all learn from them. I have tried to answer all the emails and comments regarding people in need of help when they come across a distressed or abandoned Scrub Jay. If I missed someone during my illness, I apologize.

I have been very ill for the last 2 months, basically housebound. I am doing much better now. Blue began to bring me things throughout the day on the first day I became ill. It started with food. I was not eating much. He was care taking. He would bring me a piece of a nut or cat food and do what you see in the video below, grunting for me to take it. If its food, I pretend to eat it and then hide it quickly when he is not looking. Then the treats he had stolen throughout my illness began to come back to me as offerings. He has always brought me things occasionally but never many times a day and never food until my long down period. As soon as I got better, the food deliveries stopped. But we still trade little objects daily. Blue is doing well but getting all brand new feathers in. This is always a bit rough on him. They require more rest during this period. He now only has his tail feathers left to drop. He is doing great quietly sitting on my hand as I type this.

You may notice Blues beak is overgrown. Blues vet had told be not to worry and to leave it because it was too stressful on most birds to clip them. It got worse. I decided Blue could handle it if I did it. Not only did he handle it well, he sang to me and brought me a treat afterward. He loves his new very sharp normal beak. I cannot use sand paper on his perches as many people do to prevent this. He rubs his eyes on the perches. His mineral block etc. is not enough to keep his beak from overgrowth. He is blind in one eye from a cataract. This is the only health issue he has had in the ten years we have been together.

We have also moved into a new apartment right next door. Its the same exact layout, but backwards, which took some time for Blue to figure out... 1 day.

Beth Cataldo came yesterday to work on the documentary about Blue and I.
I would like to thank her for her endless patience during my illness.
Here is a link about her last movie, the Multimedia Company she manges, and her personal website. All are well worth the visit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eagle attacks goat - throws off cliff

This is amazing and hopefully real. Though its not a Scrub Jay I thought I would post it anyway. New Stuff coming soon from Blue who is doing well. were busy working on the Documentary.
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