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Friday, August 31, 2007

Attack of the Copper Hawk

Attack of the Copper Hawk

Yesterday I was on the phone while Blue was resting quietly in his cage. As fall approaches, new birds have appeared at the feeder. This morning we finally started to get Scrub Jays again. Since we moved only a block away, we have had none all summer despite using every known trick to attract them. We have been blessed with many other types of birds we have never seen before.

As I was talking to my sister, I heard a loud “bang!” and Blue started shrieking his call of distress and fear. I looked up and it took a moment to focus on the mammoth bird now attached to my screen, wings spread, a giant Cooper Hawk. He saw the other birds, spotted Blue, and went in for the kill. Of course, the thick glass window stopped him. However, he clung for a moment. I am sure the knock surprised him too. Blue was shrieking and I dropped the phone. My instinct was to go or the camera, but Blue was very upset. He could have injured himself if I did not get him out of his cage. The Copper Hawk took a full minute to rest on the porch, perched proudly on the side rail of our balcony. Then he flew off to better hunting grounds.

Blue was frightened to death. He clung to me all day. I had to block his view of the outside to be able to allow him back in his cage. This worked and he began to play and act normal. The return of the Scrub Jays this morning also brightened his spirits. He loves to hide peanuts while they hide theirs.

Blue is flying again. He now flies all over the house and we set up places he can easily roost and hide peanuts. They always like to be higher then everyone else. We only let him fly when we are home and fans and stoves are off.

Hawks do not frequent this area, but I have to admit. I have been too nervous to take him out for his sunbath. I can just imagine a hawk seeing him in such a venerable state and plucking him from me as I watched helplessly. I will wait a few days to make sure this hawk does not return. They are known to be very ballsy and sometimes stubborn.

My sister has an aviary outside. It’s huge and contains Cockatiels. Made of wood and heavy metal screening, the hawk could not get inside. However, he tried for weeks until my sister covered the aviary until the Hawk gave up. It did injure one bird that recovered.

This was in an area that is prime hunting ground for hawks. Yet this Hawk opted to stay for a week and spend nearly all day studying the aviary.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Garden Party

Today I caught Blue singing softly to a young wild House Finch. He enjoys watching the other bird battle over food, and bask in the sun. From Starlings to Canaries, we get many birds to the feeder, but the Red Wing Black Birds rule the whole area like a gang. Watch how the young Starling stands up to the larger Red Wing and wins!

The dove you will see may look injured. I assure you its not. It is sunbathing, much as Blue does without the trance like state. The red wings push around the doves, but they find times where they can rule the garden too.

The Song is called Struggle and was by my old Band WildRose. I am singing backup and playing lead and rhythm guitar. Enjoy!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Blue a rescued Scrub Jay doing rarley seen Sun Trance

This is some of the best footage of Blue doing the sun trance. Its natural and how they get the sun to their feathers. Rarely seen in the wild, Blue does this daily. Sometimes he outspreads his wings, but on this day decided to plop down and puff up.