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Friday, February 22, 2008

Blue has done this dance for me solely, until yesterday when he suddenly did it for Katie. Blue has been with me since he was only a few hours or maybe a day old. So I always assumed it was because he thought I was his father or something. We have a great bond. I know its a sign of affection, most likely used as a mating dance in the wild. However for the last two and a half years, Katie has been the real hero in the house. She tends to the cages and spoils Blue silly with every conceivable nut and vegetable available in the western hemisphere. So I was very happy when he did the dance for her. I did film it but you will have to wait for the documentary to see that part. Until then, here is Blue dancing for me, just as he did for Katie.

I would like to thank Professor Clayton from the UK. He is studying the memory and capabilities of Scrub Jays and other related birds. He sent me a plethora of information on the current studies they have performed. I will make the PDF files available here soon. His work is fascinating and he has been more than helpful. I always knew they were smart and his work has only shown me they are even more intelligent in ways I was previously unaware.

Also we have a new poster,
Andromeda who has sent in some very intelligent and thoughtful comments and some video that has proved to be very illuminating. Andromeda lives in Florida and is very knowledgeable about the Florida Scrub Jay. I look forward to hearing more and thank her for her time. The video shows activity in the wild Western Scrubs don't often do unless domesticated. I am learning more about the subtle and not so subtle differences.

Although I do post videos to YouTube, due to the
size restrictions I post many videos directly to my Blog. I can give you better quality videos without limitations. I will be posting a link list to all the videos hosted here with descriptions for easy access soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow I have to say that I was never that much of a scrub jay fan, but you got me, amazing creatures. You have given that bird a good life and altered my perception of these birds being loud and obnoxious. Thanks for the realignment. Great work! I spent an hour pouring over your videos and commentary.

These are beautiful birds and I can't believe I missed it all this time. We seem to loose so much to TV, media and the grind of life.
Ted Canfeld