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Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring is here!


Spring is here and it came early. New birds are appearing at the feeder & Blue is getting very spunky as he does in the spring. Good news, my new seizure medicine worked and the neurological issues I was facing have quickly diminished. Blue can tell I feel better. Yesterday he danced and allowed me to pet him and then started flipping his wings and talking like a baby, just as he did when he was being hand fed as a little baby.

When Spring comes so do many people searching for help from me when they find a Scrub Jay in distress. I will be updating diets, and creating lists of native animal rescue centers. I firmly believe you should not keep a wild bird unless there is no alternative. Last year out of about sixty rescues, only three people had to keep there birds. My next post will be an updated version of what to do should you find a scrub jay in distress. Until then enjoy this movie of Blue and some of the nature nearby as spring awakens.


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