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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is Cheeky,
A commenter here and fellow Scrub Jay enthusiast caught this film of a wild, but befriended young scrub doing the Sun Trance. They named him Cheeky. Its rare to catch them doing this, as they really do trance out and are very vulnerable to attack. They must feel very safe, as this young bird did in their own yard.

I have seen other videos on you tube of Cheeky entering their house, checking out a few things and fearlessly leaving.

This shows you do not have to capture a bird to have relationship with it. It takes time, patience and peanuts ( In California) , but its worth the time.

Blues parents were friends. We feed them and they would land on us after months of work out in my mothers yard. Their first nest was in a very poorly chosen spot. A short tree in the front yard, which was odd, as we never fed them their or interacted with them there. It was also a tree kids climbed and the nest was in plain view. Crows came and killed every newborn but Blue, who dove or fell out of the nest at one day old -- still wet he survived the fall. Another bird fell with him and died on impact. No rescue center would take him at the time. The next year they moved the nest to a great spot and had a successful year and the same family continues on today, Blues relatives.
But things have changed since then. Now we have a great Native Animal Rescue Center that is VERY responsive.
Thanks for this great video of this youngster sun trancing. You can find more great videos of Cheeky and MANY other birds on there YouTube Channel -

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