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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blue is back!

Hi Folks,

It’s been a long time since I have posted. Illness and other things have prevented me from spending the time to post that I normally do. Also its fall and the rescue e-mails have ended. We, by sharing information saved 80 birds last year, with only 2 deaths. Taking in a rescue that cannot be released is a big decision. These animals take allot of attention. There is information here is you find a Scrub Jay, and animal rescue wont help. The emergency diets are meant for baby birds.

Blue is doing great. His flight feathers have fully returned and he flies from room to room with ease again, despite being blind in one eye. I have been very ill and at home a great deal. He sticks to me like glue. Sometimes he gets so excited when I bring him a treat or something and he starts this song and dance that he normally does to hand signals. Here is the latest. I am working on a video of his nut hiding capabilities. You might notice Blue's beak is a little too long. I normally wait to trim it to see if he will take care of it himself. In his youth he would. I trimmed it today and he still sang 5 minutes later. He also got a good nail trim. He is used to this and even invites the attention. Blue is now ten + years old and I have had him since he was one or two days old.

Blue knows when I am sad or ill; he knows when I need to be left alone. He knows when I am in pain. His displays of empathy are amazing. This is from today when I went to give him half a grape. He broke into dance. I also used my hand signals. He is finally getting used to the camera, which he did not like before. Enjoy this short clip; the end is him doing his sun trance bath. There is extensive video in older posts of this fascinating scene. Blue loves the fan which stays off, but he falls asleep on it and has learned to make it spin, also in video to come.

The Dance is a show of affection, a mixture of what they do in the wild and he is also imitating sounds I make to him. Sometimes I can make him dance by making a clicking sound with my mouth.

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