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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Back by request - Blue Plays Ball!

Blue now plays this game daily. This video is us teaching him, his first time playing with them. He now hits them in order, by color. We play each morning. Enjoy!

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killeshin said...

Hi Tim, nice to see your new stuff re Blue. That was a scary story that about the hawk at the window. My strange story to relate is that I very recently found an empty nest in a bush in the garden right underneath my 2nd floor living room window. The nest was last years I think as the ivy leaves that were used for bedding still retained some green and there were tiny grey feathers inside with some old droppings. I can only think that my pair had their 2 offspring this year right under my nose as the nest was just the right size for a scrub jay. Apparently they observe total silence around the nest for obvious reasons. I think maybe they trust me enough to pull a stunt like that for I must have been workign around that bush during the spring as I tended the garden and never noticed. Although I did tell my wife that I kept thinking I heard them making little grunt sounds that they like to make sometimes but it was at night time and I totally discounted that it could have been them.
I've also come across some information about the strange little song that like to sing called the "whisper song". Apparently they share this with a few other species like the northern mockingbird. I think it is quite common in the crow family.
Hope you feel better my best to Blue.