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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Were on Vacation!!

For those of you who frequent my site or for those who have found a Scrub Jay in need of a rescue, I will be unavailable to answer questions until July 24th. I am taking a small vacation. Speaking of vacations, what do you do with a Scrub Jay when you want to take a vacation?

This is tricky. Often they are not comfortable with new people. If you have a friend who knows your bird, and they can come once a day and play and care for the bird, you have a good friend. In my case, all my friends are leaving this same weekend. But, we were lucky to find a co-worker and friend of Katie's who Blue took to immediately. This will make my vacation a real vacation where I do not have to be concerned for Blue.

I would like to apologize to a few people who have emailed me that I failed to respond to. I have become ill, and for the last month unable to do much. I am hoping the relaxing in the woods and on the beach will help relax me as I recover.

For all you Scrub Jay fanatics (like me) more studies on the inteligance of Scrub Jays continues, even into precognition, which I have wittneesed. Blue knows when my girlf friend is going to come home ten minutes before she arrives, even at differant times and days. I have videoed his behavior prior to my girlfirend getting in her car, a ten minute drive. He gets overly excited and starts hoping all over. Then he hears her car and does his "Happy Trill" Scrubs have been elevated in their status of inteligence, being one of the most inteligent birds there are. This includes Crows and Ravens which are all in the same family.

I have seen Blue show empathy, sadness, joy, he knows when I am sick and when I am feeling good. Blue is getting old, but unlike dogs he can learn a new trick in only a few minutes and remember it.

For those whos birds are reaching maturity. Its good to find a place up high in your house where the bird can roost. They want to be highere then everyone else. If you do this, your bird will be content to sit high above everyone for hours. Give him some hiding places and peanuts and shinny SAFE objects, and he will be a happy bird.

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