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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Scrub Jay Blue does amazing song and dance

In the wild this is a mating dance. Blue mimics some of the whistles I make, and does this to hand signals. Often, he will open his wings and dance.


elizabeth said...

so tim, how did you get blue to associate your waving hands as a queue?

Realist said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It was by accident. I was just playing with him once, normally he chases my fingers, he began to bob up and down , and sing. Later he would bring out both feathers and dance while he sang. Later his songs would include all my whistles. This is not the best shot of his full dance. Its hard to capture because I never know when, and Blue knows what the camera is. I will be posting I higher quality video of another dance and sun trance soon.

victoria said...

Hello Tim,
I have a Jay that visits frequently during the day.
I have fed him, although I am aware that feeding wild animals is not a good idea.
Today, he (I think it's he) came to my patio where I was sitting and sang and then spread his tail feathers out and kind of cha-cha danced over to me. Any idea what that's all about?

Realist said...

Yes that is a show of affection. Feeding him good food is fine. They are friendly birds and will even land on you after awhile. Its when they are rescued babies that they will start to get attached and soon become unable to be released if fed and released.
Feed them raw unsalted peanuts. Pet Stores like Pet Pals has them in by the pound.They will hide more then they will ever eat.

Try putting them near you, a little closer each day. Soon you may have a friend who eats from you hand.