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Monday, June 4, 2007

Save Schwan Lake!

Today this post is a little off topic but, I know Blue would approve. I live nearby two lakes that have a plethora of sea and lake birds, from Cormorants to Herons, they come and live in these environments. The lake is beautiful, but so contaminated, signs say not to even touch it. I videoed some of the nesting birds and surrounding struggling sea life. We also are having many dead birds wash ashore from starvation, said to be caused from a lack of the Algae they eat from warmer water temperatures. We also have too much of what they are calling Acid Algae. Its natural, but there is too much of it, it burns off the faces of sea lions. The pup in this video may seem cute, but he is stuck in the hot sun, while his mother is dying in the water.

I have written many state and local ecologists trying to find out the nature of the contamination , and what can be done about this lake.
I am altering this document. I was directing people to contact a county supervisor.
Although Supervisor Jan Beautz is not in charge of the lake, it is a county owned lake and within her district. Putting pressure on her is a good place to start. But I have learned much more sine then.

There is a detailed country document on this and other surrounding lakes. It explains where the contamination is coming from and what steps the county is taking. I do feel that this lake is getting less attention, but until I learn more people should return here, to get a full status on the lake as I learn more.

You can find learn allot by clicking here and reading this in depth report.

I will be adding other people to write your concerns to about this issue as I learn more about the real issues that have caused a lake to be so toxic, I can't touch it. I will write an update post soon.

Much of the contamination if from the birds themselves, mostly geese fecal mater. The rest is runoff and mass sewage spills. I was awe struck by the amount of spills we have had. its all in the report. Something must be able to be done though. The County is using some money to upgrade sewage lines and runoff areas.


Realist said...

i contacted the CBC and here is their reply which is helpful. I will be contacting everyone they suggested. Below is the response I got, 5 minutes later. I should be able to find the source of the contamination, which is a start.

"Thanks for contacting the California Biodiversity Council. The CBC coordinates natural resource management at the state level, and since the issue you're talking about is probably a local issue, I'd suggest addressing it at the local level. I did some preliminary searching on
Schwan Lake, and it appears that its managed by Twin Lakes State Park,and their phone number is 831-427-4868. There's also a local group called Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks and I bet they're be a good resource for you as well. Contacting your local officials is also a good idea. Good luck, and please let me know if I can help with anything else."

Realist said...

I have learned a great deal about this lake an updated the post. I will be doing an updated report on the lake very soon and what can be done.

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Realist said...

I am not sure. I have noticed there absence also. I know they are doing cleanup as this lake as you know is grossly polluted. I will ask a ranger and find out. Are you sure they did not migrate? It is possible they took them, as they blame them for most of the pollution. I dont agree, but that would be there justification. Ill find out. Please keep in touch.