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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr. Jonathan Balcombe on Scrub Jay Memory & Ted Talk on Crows

Ted Talk on Crows - Crows & Scrub Jays are in the same family. A must See!

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Tim Rumford said...

I posted this for all you Scrub Jay fans. The research he talks about has gone much further recently. But what is to note is these birds remember. They remember for a very long time. Studies have shown they remember a face for 5 years. And for those of you who feed the wild ones and wonder where they went. They are tending there nests and are not caching nuts this time of year. They will come back, often with their babies and show them your a safe bet for an easy meal.
It is a good time to alter the diet of an adult to less nuts and more bugs, fruits, and high protein.

Something else to note. People who have followed this site for a long time know, I would much rather birds be released than kept for pets. In Florida they are the State Bird and you must call animal rescue. They will save them there. The lack of trees has sadly made them endangered. Recently studies have shown a decline in California. Some areas have great native Animal rescue services while others lack them completely. I still firmly believe that saving an any distressed animal and providing it a safe and loving home is better than letting it die. The best thing we can do for those of us that have such companions is give them the very best life we can. And they will give you so much in return.

If you find a bird. There are many posts in the " I found a scrub Jay what do I do?" of people who came up with great ideas for releasing these birds. A few were able to release them after a very short time and have a relationship where the bird leaves in the day, but comes home at night.

Scrub Jays are one of the few animals that mate for life. They even visit their parents every few years.