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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blues Afternoon, song, dance, food , stretches, yawns and bedtime

This is a video showing Blue's afternoon near the end of the day. After his morning with Katie, he spends 2 hours hiding nuts and checking his cache of stolen coins, keys, and nuts. He hides everything twice, always in full view of Katie and I. So who he hides them from -- I don't think either of us know. Perhaps it's still just instinct. Blue also rearranges his cache. He pounds his nuts into his tray and arranges everything to his liking. His many hiding spots include on top of the fridge, which is sort of a drag, but he is a free bird. So we clean it daily as we do his cage and fan and his other favorite places. Blue also hides nuts and arranges his goods in his cage too.

Blue does a song and dance when he is feeling affectionate. Often when I bring him a treat he will first do the song and dance without my hand signals. In this video I use my fingers to trigger the dance as well as the treat in my hand. He isn't begging, he is showing affection. He does this when there is no reward, often when I am sick or down, he will land on me and start singing and dancing. He does this only for me. Katie has a very strong bond with Blue, but because I fed him since a baby, I get some extra attention.

After that he takes a nap, he eats and heads to bed. He often puffs up and sits on one foot. S he does stretches and yawns. Sometimes he sleeps out of his cage and if he is really tired I can pick him up softly and carry him and he never wakes up.

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Grace said...

Great new videos and i am so glad to here about the movie. I have been a fan of Blues since your Blog started. I have found these birds to be very much a joy, although I must admit I used to think of them as pests. It shows you how peoples perceptions can change about what is beautiful and what is not. They used to harass my cats, so I disliked them. Then I watched a few of your videos and discovered there is much more to these birds then chasing cats.

I also realized that cats do allot of damage to the birds outside. I now have an inside cat. He is just as happy as my old cat, if not more. I have less health problems with him, and less problems with him encountering trouble.

I find it humorous that Blue used to sit on your cats head.

Thanks so much for sharing Blues life and changing this old womans perception of Scrub Jays. I cant wait for the movie. When are you going to start shooting?

kiaoragin said...

What a wonderful comment, Grace. My neighbor has a cat who is scared of the two wild scrubs that visit my garden, especially if she sees them interact with me. Her cat is a little devil however and has been known to bring in hummers. Thank you for keeping your cat inside.