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Friday, April 6, 2007

Blue helps Blog

When I write or work on the computer, Blue often sits on the top edge of the flat screen. He likes to watch my fingers on the keyboard. Other times he will sit on my head, or on his perch in front of the open window. Here is Blue who this morning decided to burst into a song and dance when I just raised my hand towards him. He aslo decided he did not like this medical bill and I tend to agree with him. Blue really does help me Blog by providing comic relief and entertainment.

The dance always begins with me doing had signals to him. Its only during this strange song and dance that Blue likes to be touched. Yesterday, after a long dance I picked him up and held him upside down in a lying down sort of position in my hand. He was very calm. I rubbed his belly and he fell asleep like a baby. This was a first in 8 years.


Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by Blue and his story. You have obviously done a great job in his care. The dance and sunbath are just a kick. I will be back to check up on him and your site. You are very blessed to have such a gift with animals. Not very many people would do through what I know it takes to bring up such a bird. It makes it even better that it also helped you. Peace, Tracy WI

Realist said...

Thanks Tracy. Yes Blue did help me so much I could never express it fully. I was in the depths of pain and recovery from swelling of my brain. I was not sure I even wanted to live. But, Blue changed that, or, he helped a great deal. I know it will be tough when he does pass, but, my zest for life has returned. Soon we will be posting pictures of Blue as a baby.
Thanks for visiting.