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Friday, March 30, 2007

Blue's Sunbath Trance and Dance!

Blue does many amazing, funny and wonderful things. Here I was able to catch two in one video. Please be patient and watch the entire video. You will see some things you may have never seen a bird do before. While were waiting for Google to process the video, you can also click here to watch.

You may notice Blue's wings are overly clipped. Blue lost all his vision when he got a cataract in one eye. He simply injured the other eye as he was adjusting to the new loss of vision. The vet was wonderful and saved his sight in the injured eye. I clipped his wings to prevent him from injuring himself. Normally I allow him to be able to fly fairly far. I do not normally even clip his wings. In novice fashion, I unfortunately over clipped them. I was in fear he would injure himself. His feathers are growing in nicely though. His check up came back 100% healthy. I was very relieved. His recovery was very fast, even the vet was amazed.

Where does Blue sleep? He sleeps here in his Mop in his cage.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I have watched these birds my whole life and never seen one do that. I am guessing the dance is a mating thing... the show of affection is obvious. He must really be attached to you. The sun bath I have read of other birds doing but I have never read of this bird doing it. How long has he done the sun bath like that? Thanks and bring us more. I like Blue! Frank L. Modesto Ca

Realist said...

Thanks. I just set up the site today, so MUCH more to come. Yes I agree, the dance is most likely a mating thing, or he is showing off. He is very attached to me. When I wake up and enter the room where he is he peeps really load to let me know he sees me. He has done the sunbath since he was a year old. The first time I saw it I thought he was dying.
A few weeks ago I was out with Blue and a couple stopped over. They had a wild Scrub that they fed in the yard that they witnessed doing this. They also thought he was having a coronary.

Blue steals things, hides them. Before his loss of vision he could pick a dime out f my hand in flight and not touch my hand. He is getting older now and does well for only having vision in one eye. Thanks for your comments.

killeshin said...

Over the past few years I have made friends with 2 scrub jays who visit my San Francisco garden apartment living room each day in hopes of a peanut or two. I call them Cheeky and Shy as is their behaviour. I think Cheeky to be the female as Shy will often pass food off to her during breeding time. Cheeky performs that song for me often, especially when i play her bird songs on the computer. She will perform it for Shy whenever she feels a little threatened by the more dominant husband. cheeky will fly all over the apartment but shy prefers to sit by the idnow or on my bookshelf close to the escape route. In the garden Shy likes to stay close to me and will chase Cheeky if she comes too close to me at that time.

Thanks for you wonderful videos. I will follow your site.

Realist said...

HI Frank,
Thanks for posting. That’s very cool the bird does the dance for you. It is a mating dance, but also a sign of affection. They certainly can get jealous. If Blue gets made he makes a very distinct growl, and you know instantly your doing something wrong, normally adjusting something in his cage he considers his property, like his basket balls. Blue flies around the house with ease despite being blind in one eye, and hides and re-hides treasures and peanuts. He has several roosts we put up to keep the house as clean as possible.
Keep us updated on Shy and Cheeky!

Anonymous said...

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